Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunday Scribblings: Is it "Forbidden" to change the scribble....? I did nonetheless. This one is called "Shortcuts"..

The scribble for this week was "forbidden". Veering off the course somewhat I chose to go into forbidden territory and write instead an experience that I call "shortcuts".
Sometimes, a shortcut leads you on the road to nowhere and gets you to your destination quicker. Sometimes, unintentional happenings get in the way. Yesterday, on my way back home again, I veered off my regular path and took a road less traveled. My guide was the voice on my GPS telling me where to go. Then.....
.....the unexpected happened. Idling in the left turn lane I noticed that the traffic lights were not working. Thinking to myself that this was a disaster waiting to happen due to the fact that the cars to the left and to the right were not slowing down, I inched my way past the line ever so slowly. Then, looking in front of me I saw a red car make it's way across the barren land and as it inched across the median, it was slammed by one of those fast moving cars to the left. With my foot still on the brake I moved it back as "the car" came toward me. Watching and then watching some more, it came to a stop about six inches from my passenger side bumper. Then, I put it in park and ran over to the woman in the front leaning against the steering wheel with her head resting on the deflated airbag. The horn of this car was blasting and smoke was billowing out of the car. (OK, OK, in truth, it wasn't billowing. I believe it was the radiator hose causing the smoke. So in this case it would be a softer billow.)
Within seconds the emergency service workers arrived and took over all the time my car staying put until Trooper Jackson (I like that name: Trooper Jackson. Say it out loud and I do believe you will agree with me.) came and gave me permission to move it out of the way. The woman was all right as were the four in the other vehicle.

If there is to be a lesson here it might play itself out like this:

First, in theory, there are shortcuts that will cut a few miles off the journey. In theory this lends itself to be true. However, in truth, the unintended happenings along the way dictate that there are no shortcuts.

Second, not everyone plays by the rules and Robert Fulghum would be disappointed that the lessons learned in kindergarten about taking turns doesn't always stay with us into adulthood.

And third, if it is a shortcut you take, remember that there are more important things along the way that may need your attention. ...until next time-Teach