Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And what will you do differently today...?

Sometimes in the race against time we don’t recognize the importance of the journey along the way because we are focused on the brand new sneakers on our feet; the pavement below the rubber; or the tape right before the finish line. I choose to argue that it isn’t the one through the tape first that is the victor, but the ones along the way who take fleeting moments of time to hear the wind whistle on their backs; the ones who look up to see the soaring eagle fly in circles in the sky; and the ones who stop to breathe along the way to wander off the path for a time to sit on a rock and listen to the “sound the river makes”.

If given time we also will find ourselves at the threshold of the finish line, and instead of racing with all our breath, we will be able to create those moments that take our breath away. In the end, I believe, we will all be the better for it, because we were given the chance to create memories that will provide for each of us the opportunity to think deeper, wonder more and understand better, because then and only then will we have the wisdom, the experience, and the know how to build bridges as well as mend hearts.

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