Friday, September 5, 2008

In the round....

All this week I have been involved in what I call round table shared training sessions with groups of teachers at 8 individual schools. It has been an opportunity for collective minds to come together-at varying levels of knowledge-and embark on refining or learning a new skill set. The purpose of the meeting was agenda-ized prior to the gathering with an intended outcome at the end of the session. However, I, as the presenter, didn't stand in front of the classroom with a power point presentation or my stack of overhead transparencies at the ready to filter through slide by slide as the participants passively pretended to be "listening". Instead, I sat at the table and as each one entered the room, I stood reaching out my hand telling them my name, and then, in turn, asking them to return the favor. In addition, I informally assessed their knowledge base as it related to the focused purpose. Then, as the material was presented, we had numerous opportunities to dialogue in the round, each of us drawing from our experience, our knowledge base and creating a space where ideas were shape-shifted until common understanding was reached. We learned from one another and the newest players allowed us to see possible angles with fresh eyes. Until next time, continue to create endless possibility-Teach

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