Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday Scribblings: Wedding....

I was going to skip this scribbling entirely and then I remembered that I was asked to do a reading at the wedding of Leah and Mike and figured what the heck, this scribbling thing sure has my attention. So though I wrote it years ago, it still holds true today for they are still going strong with three kids in tow.

One Note, One Song, One Love

Your love will need the rain.
It will need to feel that gentle sprinkle
of the rain sometimes
lightly spraying your face.
You will need the magic of the rain.
To feel the hard pounding rain sometimes
soaking at the embers for it will cleanse the soul.

Love is like that.

Your love will need the sun.
It will need to feel the hot penetrating heat
of the sun sometimes
darkening the fibers
You will need the magic of the sun.
To feel the heat of the sun sometimes
peeling away the rough-hewn layers
for it will be the key to your heart.

Love is like that.

Your love will need the wind.
It will need to feel the soft wisp
of the wind sometimes
fluttering at your feet.
You will need the magic of the wind
To feel the tip-tapping song-dance of the wind sometimes
swan-singing its melody
for it will uplift the spirit.

Love is like that.

Love needs the rain
and the sun
and the wind

The gentle sprinkle for it cleanses the soul.
The penetrating heat for it is the key to your heart.
And the swan-singing, tip-tapping, song-dancing celebration
for it will uplift the spirit.

Love is like that.

My wish for you this day
is to always keep that sense of wonder
within arms reach and to remember
what brought you to the altar in the first place.
A place where hope lies within
that makes the possibility
of dreaming close at hand.
This moment is layered with promise
and we find comfort in knowing
that this is one more story
to be shared around the supper table of our lives.
A piece of our collective history.
Another story that has made
the moments of our lives matter.
A moment that God has entrusted to you.
To love deeply.
From this day forward
an angel will be resting on your shoulder
and the silent whisper that is spoken in your ear
is a love song that only the two of you can hear.
This music, it comes from a chord,
a note that the angels record.
And once this soft-slow waltz
written on the page is choreographed
you will dance to the rhythm
sung only in God's name.
One Note, One Song, One Love.
Until the next time....-Teach
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susan said...

I was asked to speak at my friend's wedding. It was held on Martha's vineyard. I was honored and nervous. I couldn't write the right words but I did find a lovely poem. I was afrai d they would be disappointed that I hadn't written something original. I was wrong and they, too, are very happily together.

Thanks for taking me back to a special time.

Karen Travels said...

You are so writing something for my wedding, I am sure it go something like this:

We all never thought Karen would find someone...


I have some fantastic pics to share, will get them up today.

gautami.tripathy said...

Good that you posted it.

Weddings and Beheadings

linda may said...

This was lovely, did you write it? Lovely!

GreenishLady said...

That is a perfect blessing and wish for a couple. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing that.

Neilina said...

Really a very nice poem.

Angela and Devin said...

love love this wedding still fresh in my mind, only a few months ago, this stirs it back up on my insides. thanks sir.

and i especially love "the supper table of our lives" image. it makes me feel like getting a big hug.